shades of



shades of grace: a company i created for the work i do online. that includes everything from corporate & small biz partnerships to volunteer & personal projects.

i value every tweet, every picture, every emoji i post online. they all come together to form my digital identity.

what i do on the internet affects the work i'm able to get as a digital media creative, & i’ve found the more honestly, intentionally, and spontaneously i convey myself online, the more likely it is i’ll work together with other humans to  make meaningful ideas come to life (both on the internet and IRL).

i'm using my
digital identity
to think about, talk about,
& help you with yours.


the stuff we can create together.


zentripy global
website design + marketing assisstance.
steel + plank
website + marketing assistance.
social media strategy + management.
russo & associates
social media management.
this could be u ✨
spectrum group consulting services
social media management, web design/development.
red dress
influencer marketing coordinator + blog coordinator.
BED creative productions
social media consultation & video production assistance.


now it's your turn to share something. got a project for me? want to work together? let me know here or tweet @ me (you'll get a quicker answer): @graceferz

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